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Saturday, 4 June 2011

More Bang and, indeed, C**k for your Buck

The great thing about ‘The Hangover’ was its brazen lack of shame and Part II displays all of the irreverence of the first instalment, with the addition of an exotic location. The film makes the most its eastern setting, which is always colourful, often tawdry, but also an integral part of the story, not just a gimmick to spice up a sequel.

The story is straightforward, delivering the right amount of jeopardy and threat without being over complicated. There are a couple of passing points of misjudged prejudice which are unnecessary, but the generally locals give as good as they get, and it is for most part bawdy but good natured fun, shared with characters that already feel like old friends, stupid, reckless, but ultimately likable much in the way that the Carry On characters are.

Paul Giamatti’s role is small but enlivens the second half. The final set piece is, thankfully, in context, but feels like personality placement and it’s a shame that it doesn’t come off when the rest of the film has been so entertaining. There’s an obvious Part III, and if it steps up to the plate as Part II has done we are in for a rollicking good show.